Take a look at SAWBO's portrait articles. They explain how people and organizations around the globe are using SAWBO animations in their programs, training sessions, etc. If you would like to explain to the world your own experiences with SAWBO, please contact us at to tell us your story, and also,feel free to send us pictures and videos. If you would like us to show these pictures and videos on our social media channels or webiste, please also attach a scanned and signed copy of this talent release form. We will need one for the photographer and one for each person recognizable in the image.
Please help us keep growing our Video Library with a wide variety of languages by becoming a voice-over volunteer. Also, if you are a group of friends, colleagues, partners, etc. you could even form your own voice-over club. Your club could create translations for animations that you feel would be useful for your community in your own local language or languages.

Please contact us at to start volunteering today!
All animations are given out freely to those that want to use then for educational purposes only. Please download, use and share our animations with as many people as you would like. We want these animations to be viewed and used by as many individuals and groups as possible. You can use them in your classroom, in your local communities or when you are traveling around the world.
If you are a TV station or you create materials for TV and you wish to use parts of SAWBO animations for the creation of education programs, please e-mail SAWBO at We are happy to grant you the use of our materials on TV, at no charge, based on reasonable requests.
There are many other institutions around the world (e.g., universities, government agencies, etc.) that work directly with SAWBO and become deployers of our animations in their home countries. Their involvement ensures that our animations will be properly and effectively distributed, and that the educational knowledge of our videos will be shared with as many people as possible. If your institution is interested in collaborate with SAWBO, please contact us at