Our videos' success is dependent on people like you, and organizations like yours. All of SAWBO's animations can be downloaded for free from our website and used directly for educational purposes only. You can reproduce them and distribute them to as many people as you would like.

If you are a TV station or you create materials for TV and you wish to use parts of SAWBO animations for the creation of education programs, please e-mail SAWBO at
We are happy to grant you the use of our materials on TV, at no charge, based on reasonable requests.

We highly appreciate it if you tell us about how you are using SAWBO's animations and, if you are interested, we can mention your work on our social media channels. Please e-mail us at to tell us your story, and also, feel free to send us pictures and videos (if you would like us to show these pictures and videos on our social media channels, please also attach a scanned and signed copy of this talent release form).


Download the SAWBO App and you will have hundreds of videos in your hands. The SAWBO App is a video library for Android and iOS smartphones. The application will allow you to have free access to all of our video content. With the App, you can view videos, download them to your smartphone, or share them with other people. The SAWBO App allows you to search videos by their country, language, and topic. Once you find the desired video, you can watch it, download it, or share it with other cell phones via a Bluetooth connection.

Due to the nature of the operating systems, the Android SAWBO Deployer App is far more robust than the iOS SAWBO Deployer App. (Read More)

Watch our video tutorial on how to use the SAWBO Android App.


The Tuberculosis Prevention App is an interactive learning tool that teaches how to prevent TB, as well as how to follow treatment instructions provided by your doctor. Tuberculosis is a common infection and contagious disease caused by a bacterium that usually lodges in the lungs. This app gives general information about this disease and provides an important message: TB is treatable and curable. The app also illustrates some significant preventative measures, to protect yourself and others, from getting this disease. Let's all take these preventative measures to stop the spread of Tuberculosis.
Download Android Version
Android Tuberculosis App


Android Inhaler App
Twenty five million Americans have asthma and over twelve million suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The majority of those with asthma and COPD use a metered dose inhaler (MDI) for treatment. Promoting patient self-management is an essential component of programs to reduce hospital readmissions. We have developed an educational animation that demonstrates correct and incorrect use of MDIs. This Application contains the animation both in English and in Spanish. Access to resources such as this may help provide patients with the tools necessary to promote self-management of chronic conditions such as asthma and COPD.
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Our Video Library is also a deployment method. SAWBO has developed more than 50 different 2D and 3D animations with voice-overs in over 90 different languages. We work in three main areas: Agriculture, Health and Women's Empowerment. Please visit SAWBO's Video Library where you can watch or download all our videos in any available language, for free.
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Extension System In Your Wallet is a credit card shaped USB drive and contains over 10 GB of SAWBO™ videos that can be played on computers, cell phones and other video-capable electronic devices. Some extra storage space is available on the drive for you to transfer and share your own files. Thus, you can keep both your files and our videos in your wallet. All we ask is that you give SAWBO™ videos to people you meet that can use them in their educational programs.

Simply copy these videos from this USB drive onto your or their computer(s). These educational videos can be freely distributed for educational purposes only.
Hold the USB card
Flip the USB dongle out gently
Insert into the USB port
Share animations, save your files, and keep in your wallet